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Tap into this cache of kitties for the cat lover in you!
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Feline-Themed Home Decor

If you love cats as much as we do at Kitties Cache, then you'll definitely love our assortment of feline-focused home decor. We carry everything from throw pillows to well decor, so if you're a cat lover of any age, we guarantee that you'll find adorable decor for your living room, bedroom or office.

The Kitties Cache staff has curated a great collection of our favorite cat decor. No matter which item you choose, you'll be showing off your love with all kitty feline in a way that you can appreciate every single day.

Cattastic Wall Art, Throw Pillows and More

Add some feline flair to your sofa or armchairs with our sophisticated and adorable cat throw pillows. If you want a huggable friend, we have Totoro and Pusheen plush toys that are perfect to nestle into bed with. Our store also offers carry vinyl wall stickers and posters if you want to deck out your walls with fun cat decorations.

Find the Purrfect Cat Decor for Your Home in Eugene, OR

Because we source straight from the creator, we can offer you the best prices available by leaving out the go-between. Cat lovers across the globe can rely on Kitties Cache for fun and cute kitty-centric merchandise.

Merchandise is sent directly from China. Please expect up to 30 days for delivery. Free shipping is offered for orders over $50.