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Find a Pawesome Gift in Vancouver, Washington

Does your friend love cats? Do you want to give them a great present? Kitties Cache is your one-stop shop for cat-themed gifts. We offer a large catalog of feline-friendly accessories, shirt, jewelry, watches, purses, cell phone cases, bags, wallets and home decor. Whether it's a holiday gift or a special birthday present, we promise that you'll find the perfect thing for the kitty-enthuisast in your life at Kitties Cache.

Something for Everyone

If you know someone who is almost as obsessive about fashion as they are about cats, we have a collection of charming, stylish cat shirts to select from. For those who enjoy accessorizing, peruse our kitty jewelry, watches, scarves and tights. Perhaps your friend wants a stylish wallet, cell phone case or backpack. Why not gift them something that is useful, cute and dedicated to cats?

Cat-inspired home decor is ideal for someone who has just moved to a new house, a friend who is passionate about interior design or for someone who just wants to include more feline flair in their living space. From wall stickers and throw pillows to figurines, stuffed animals and mugs, Kitties Cache makes it easy to embellish a house with kitty decor. It doesn't matter if you're searching for a gift that is stylish, cute or unique

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We eliminate the middle man and directly source from the creators. As a result, we can offer you the best pricing available. All kinds of cat enthusiasts can count on Kitties Cache for enjoyable and cute kitty-centric items. Stock is sent straight from China. You should anticipate up to 30 days for delivery. Free shipping is given for orders over $50.